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catharsis is an immersive haunted experience that allows you to have the freedom to express and discover your true nature. human beings have always been attracted to vice, but too often our sinful impulses are thwarted. experience catharsis to find out for yourself what happens when our species is given complete freedom to express our darkest desires.

alone or small groups
horror fans seeking a uniquely intimate experience will find catharsis meets their desires.

there is no safety in numbers in orlando's most uniquely immersive haunted experience as you will experience catharsis alone or in small groups.

it is your choice whether you enter by yourself or alongside up to three others. those who decide to go alone will receive all the attention of the creeps that lurk within the experience - with no one to hide behind. but groups of two to four should not expect any less attention, as some may still be singled out by our spirits for a few sinister deeds.

catharsis is designed with both individuals and small groups in mind, ensuring no one misses a single scare.
reservations offer the ability to choose to enter as an individual, in a private group, or with others.

groups may make a reservation of 2 - 4 people. no more than 4 guests will be sent into the experience at a single time.

those who arrive alone but do not wish to enter by themselves may be placed into a group with others.
no lines, no unpleasant waits
catharsis provides multiple opportunities to reserve windows of time to enter.

upon arrival, you will let yourself inside to find a simple check-in process waiting, without ever stepping foot into a queue.

anyone tired of winding back and forth through long lines will be thrilled to find a comfortable place to relax in anticipation for their experience begin, while enjoying a chilling, mood-setting environment:
the deadly sins bar. when your time for terror has arrived, you will be summoned.

catharsis will allow you to reserve an entry time window online in advance.
upon making a reservation, the exact location of catharsis will be sent to you.
tickets are available online and at the door, until sold out.
personalized terror

when experiencing catharsis, you will find all attention is fiercely focused directly on you.

this experience is not about simply startling you. it's about reaching you on a deeper level. it's about the chill that runs down your spine. it's about the involuntary feeling of dread that consumes you as you step out into the unknown.

choosing to enter alone or in a small group is only your first decision. your next may very well spell your doom. whether you hide your frightened face, try to cease your nervous shakes, or simply scream out with the voice of a thousand wretched souls... now there's a choice that we will enjoy toying with. you will face consequences for your reactions. but you may never know just where you went wrong.

you won't see the scares coming. you won't be distracted by others ahead of you. it's as if all of the terrors have been specifically unleashed on you...
you may be touched
reaching catharsis requires one to fully indulge in our sinful behavior.

you will encounter a freakish assortment of all-too-friendly inhabitants, each more eager to quickly get to know you intimately. they never hesitate to break your personal space bubble.

while their touch may unnerve you, you'll never find yourself encountering any sort of inappropriate behavior, as even the lustful are quite careful with exactly what and where they caress. we certainly won't ever harm you physically, even if you ask us to.

those who have an aversion to strangers gently laying a few fingers on their bodies may opt out of being touched upon check-in, though it's highly recommended for the best catharsis experience that you let us take care of you in every way possible.
you're just one sinful step away from losing your soul.
catharsis is inevitable.

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