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deadly sins bar & lounge

when you arrive for catharsis, rather than facing a long line you'll immediately find yourself in a chilling, mood-setting environment: the Deadly Sins Bar.

while relaxing in the comfortable, but somewhat unsettling lounge atmosphere, you will find a few wonderfully wicked interactive elements, including a chance to embrace your inner sinner. a trip to the bar will let you order a few delightfully disgraceful drinks, including the fall of man and the original sin.

all who seek catharsis will ultimately be summoned by bar founder selena blackwood, as she escorts newcomers into her private lounge to begin the unsettling experience where you will discover her true nature... as she forces you to reveal yours. learn more about her story at deadlysinsbar.com.

the deadly sins bar & lounge is open to all who have made a reservation for catharsis before each experience begins.

you're just one sinful step away from losing your soul.
catharsis is inevitable.

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