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what is catharsis?
catharsis is an immersive haunted experience, not a traditional haunted house. rather than non-stop "boo" scares, this experience will evolve at a less frantic pace, allowing you to soak in the horrors around you as they slowly reveal themselves. more details here.

is this a haunted house?
catharsis is not a haunted house by any traditional definition of the term. this personal experience draws from many types of entertainment, including haunted attractions and immersive theater, but with our own uniquely sinister spin on Halloween experiences. you will walk through the experience alone or in small groups, encountering multiple actors along the way, each engaging directly with you in delightfully dreadful ways with the intent of chilling you to your core. the visuals, sounds, and personal interactions are designed to reach you on a deeper level than simple startle scares. more details here.

where are you located?
catharsis is located in south orlando, within 10-20 minutes of most major theme parks and attractions. we are very close to the intersection of sand lake rd and orange ave. the exact address will be given to you once you purchase a ticket.

how long is the experience?
catharsis runs approximately 30 minutes, but your experience begins in the deadly sins bar where you will have time for a drink or explore before your journey begins.

what are the hours?
8pm - 11:30pm on select evenings in october.

what should i wear?
our experience is wrapped in sin - so come as you see fit. we would love for you to arrive in sexy attire, but keep in mind you will be actively moving for roughly 30 minutes, so high heels probably aren't the best idea. we challenge you to seductively participate in your chosen attire at will and have no restrictions on what you wear. the more sinful, the better.

what are the rules?
once the experience begins, listen to and obey all instructions given to you. we may touch you, but you are not allowed to touch any actor unless you are asked to do so. do not attempt to break anything. do not pick up props or set pieces unless explicitly instructed to do so. and for the duration of the 30 minutes, you must speak only in a whisper. involuntary screams of pleasure or pain are also allowed, naturally.

how much are tickets and where can i buy them?
tickets are $24 per person with an option to upgrade to experience catharsis alone or in a private small group for an additional $10 per person. without the upgrade, you will be grouped with others. you can purchase tickets here.

can i buy tickets at the door?
yes, until sold out.

how scary is catharsis?
catharsis is a "haunted" experience and therefore has elements designed to frighten you. because the duration of catharsis is much longer than traditional haunts, we do not rely on startle scares, but rather aim to have your fear run deeper and more personal. you will not have to worry about creatures jumping out at you constantly, but you will find characters that are both creepy and seductive who will not hesitate to get rather close to you.

how extreme is this?
the catharsis experience cannot be compared to a typical haunted house. you will enter alone or in small groups, there is no "conga line" in front of or behind you to protect you. will need to be prepared to walk, move, crawl, duck, and obey instructions for the entire 30 minute duration. you will not be sprayed with fake blood or have your clothes harmed in any way. this is definitely not an 'extreme' haunted house. during this experience, but you may be touched. and you will leave shaken and disturbed. but you will also have a whole lot of fun.

will i be touched?
you may be touched by actors. the element of touch is not to harm you but to help the experience feel more real. all elements of touch will be in appropriate areas, such as on the arms, hands, and shoulders. if you do not wish to be touched, you may opt out upon check-in.

does catharsis contain blood, violence, swearing, or nudity?
catharsis contains violence, swearing, and sexually suggestive moments but no graphic nudity.

is there an age restriction? are kids allowed?
the minimum required age to experience catharsis is 13, but we recommend attendees are at least 16 years of age. all minors must be accompanied by an adult.

is this a play?
catharsis is a blend of different forms of entertainment. it is not a play, but does have theatrical elements such as lighting, sound effects, speaking actors, and an overall narrative with story elements. you do not sit and watch. it is a "haunted" experience in which you walk, crawl, duck, and climb through 15,000 square feet of sets, encountering creepy characters along the way.

what if i get too scared to continue?
you can choose to opt out at any moment. clearly state the word "pineapple" two times to any actor / scare actor / staff and you will be escorted out. if you choose to use the safe word, you will not be able to continue and will not receive a refund.

can i take pictures? video? selfies? snapchat?
we do not allow the use of any electronic devices during the experience, however there will be fun opportunities to take pictures, videos, and selfies in the deadly sins bar, while you relax and wait for the start of your journey. we, however, may decide to take a few photos of you along the way....

can i stare at my phone and play pokémon go the whole time?
even with a lure, there are no pokemon in our experience. we've tried. we do not allow the use of any devices during the experience so you'll have to forgo the precious hunt until your journey has concluded. there are, however, a few gyms in the nearby area that we can recommend.

will this be physically demanding?
to participate in the catharsis experience, you must be able to actively traverse and navigate 15,000 square foot over the span of 30 minutes, with limited opportunities to sit down. you will be required to crawl, duck, climb, and move freely and easily.

are you serving alcohol or food?
we have opened the deadly sins bar where you can purchase beer, wine, and numerous creative cocktails and other refreshments for some liquid courage...

is there parking available?
there is parking available at our location, with additional parking in neighboring lots. carpooling is strongly recommended.

is catharsis accessible?
due to the nature of catharsis and its set requiring climbing, ducking, crawling, and navigating tight spaces in the dark, we do not recommend this experience for anyone in a wheelchair or using crutches, but can accommodate any such requests.

are you offering group rates or student/teacher discounts?
we are not currently offering any discounts.

can i get a refund or exchange my ticket?
we do not offer any refunds. if you would like to exchange your ticket for anther evening or time slot, please email us at connect@pseudonymproductions.com.
you're just one sinful step away from losing your soul.
catharsis is inevitable.

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